It has come to my attention that my opponent for the Democratic nomination has been running false ads against me.

Whether the attacks come from Marjorie Taylor Greene or from Shawn Harris, I’m not afraid to fight back and stand up for the truth.

Let’s take a quick look at the facts:


I spent $20,000 on my campaign and came in 1st place because I know how to effectively turn out votes and WIN.

My competitor is an inexperienced candidate who has been running for almost a year, spent $300,000 !! and only managed to net 2nd place.  If he can’t win a Democratic primary, then there’s little chance he knows how to beat MTG in November.


I have said from day 1 that Trump is an existential threat to our democracy and he can not be allowed back in the White House.  If President Biden wins GA, then Trump has NO PATH to win.

My goal is to turn out enough voters to beat MTG and help get Biden the win in GA.  I will vigorously defend and promote the good things Democrats and President Biden have been accomplishing for our district and our country.

Shawn Harris, was quoted in an interview saying that he’s only in this race for himself and that he’s ok with people voting for Trump as long as they vote for him.  Here’s the direct quote from Shawn Harris himself:

To ultimately take on Greene in November, Harris said he was open to Republicans splitting their votes between him and Trump for president — something that could hurt Biden. “If they decide to vote for Trump, that’s their business, but I’m trying to earn a vote between me and Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Harris said. (RawStory)

Even worse, in a Dade County candidate forum, Shawn Harris stated:

“When you see Joe Biden and the Vice President come to Atlanta, you will never see me in any of the pictures.  Matter of fact, Renee tells me, I’m not even going to the event.”

If President Biden came to the district, not only would I show up at the event, I’d ask President Biden and/or Vice President Kamala Harris to go door knocking with me.


Harris accused me of moving to the district specifically to run for this seat.  The funny thing is, you don’t have to live in a congressional district to run for that seat, I’ve lived in this district a full year longer than Harris, and the only reason I decided to run was because it looked like Shawn Harris was too inexperienced to actually beat MTG.

Furthermore, I spent 5 years working for the city of Smyrna and I have lived in both Cobb and Paulding.  I’m not exactly a stranger to the district.


Shawn is a proud recipient of Marcus Flowers’ endorsement.    He  took $620,000 of donations that were made to him to challenge MTG and instead took it out of the district and ran against loyal Democrat and incumbent Representative David Scott (Source: AJC & FEC filings) of the 13th District.

Shawn may be proud of the endorsement, but I wouldn’t be. I don’t believe it’s ethical to use funds intended to be used to run against a Republican and then use them against a Democrat.


I specifically told the Paulding County Democrats that I was scheduled for a Whitfield County Democrats meeting on the same night that Paulding held their event. 

Despite knowing this up front, the Paulding County organizer falsely claimed multiple times that I  refused to show up.  Shawn also confirmed in person that he knew exactly where I was and why I wasn’t at the Paulding event.  Despite this, Shawn chose to continue lying to voters.

Shawn and I have appeared at multiple events together, both before and immediately after the Paulding County meeting.

I never claimed Shawn was a Trump supporter.  What I said was that he is quoted in a RawStory interview saying that he’s ok with people splitting their ticket – voting for him and voting for Trump. 

Shawn is not working to move votes towards Biden.  Unlike Shawn, I’m NOT ok with vote splitting and I’m doing the extra work of making the case for Biden as well as myself. I’ve been doing that since day one, because a Trump win is a disaster for our country and Trump absolutely can not win if Biden takes GA.

From the beginning, I have said that the path to beating Marjorie Taylor Greene is narrow, but doable.

I have also said that the path is even harder because of the lack of infrastructure Marcus Flowers left behind.

Shawn is running Marcus’ failed playbook which spent $16,000,000 and lost 2 : 1.  That’s exactly why he couldn’t even win the Democratic primary last month. 

I’m the only candidate with a solid plan to identify and turn out the 90,000 extra voters we need to beat MTG in November. 

We CAN flip this seat, but only with my actionable plan.



The Truth? I quietly listened to a person wearing a Shawn Harris button for several minutes before she decided to make a scene for no reason. The video you saw in Shawn’s attack ad was recorded by Shawn’s campaign manager and was stripped of any context.

I did my best to placate Shawn’s supporter but this very much appears to be entrapment and a “MTG-Style” stunt. 

Note: the noise you hear in the background is me placing distance between myself and Shawn’s supporter.  (My cellphone’s microphone was rubbing against my shirt pocket.)

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