About Clarence

My name is Clarence Blalock and I’m an eighth generation Georgian, small business owner, and Paulding County resident. I also have 10 years experience in local government, including 5 years at the City of Smyrna in Cobb County. For the past several years I’ve been getting Democrats elected in tough races up and down the ballot.  I know how to identify and turn out voters and I proved it by coming in 1st in the primary.  
Biden won GA four years ago by a margin of only 11,000 votes.  Trump mathematically CAN NOT WIN if Biden takes GA again this November. Marjorie Taylor Greene is beatable and I have the plan to flip this seat.
It’s critical that you vote in the June runoff, and that you vote for a congressional candidate who will turn out every Democratic voter in the district.  I’m the only Democratic candidate who has experience turning out voters, and unlike my main challenger I refuse to tell people that it’s ok to vote for Trump.  Because it’s not.  
Building a base of consistent Democrats voters, promoting Democratic values, and electing Democrats up and down the ballot is fundamental to retaking control of our government and fixing the things that MTG and Trump have been systematically destroying.
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