Clarence Blalock for Congress

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Why I’m running:
I’m running for the US House because I’m sick of seeing our district in the news for all the wrong reasons. The incumbent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is at the center of our nation’s dysfunction.  
MTG was a key instigator of the January 6th attack against our country and will try again if re-elected.  
The key to removing her from office and keeping President Biden in the White House is to turn out Democrats in our district. When we vote, we win.  

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Getting pregnant shouldn’t be a death sentence.  

An out-of-control Supreme Court and radical anti-abortion laws passed by Republicans have destroyed normal standards of medical care expected by women during pregnancy.  The result is that a wanted pregnancy can quickly turn into a life-threatening nightmare.

Georgia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country and it’s getting worse.  The overturning of Roe has set us back 50 years and Republicans’ attacks on reproductive rights are causing OBGYNs to flee the state.  

This is unacceptable.  Our families deserve better.  Full reproductive rights is essential healthcare.  If you elect me to Congress, my highest priority will be to codify bodily autonomy and full reproductive rights into law.

Strengthening and protecting Democracy

We need to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to get dark money out of politics and make voting more accessible and fairer. The federal government can be a counterbalance to a state government that wants to limit access and make it harder for us to vote. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s lack of recognition of free and fair elections is unacceptable conspiracy nonsense and we must push back on it.

Protecting Medicare

Republicans are coming for your Medicare.  Trump started the process by allowing private companies to drain people out of the system by making big promises while offering substandard plans.  If they retake full control of Congress they plan to dismantle and privatize Medicare once and for all.

Privatizing Medicare would have a devastating impact on the health of America’s seniors.  I will protect Medicare and the right of participants to choose the doctor of their choice.  I will also fight to expand the services offered to include robust dental, vision and hearing benefits.

Note about the June Runoff:
I finished with the highest number of votes in the primary, the runoff election with be June 18th.
404-936-9123  (Please leave a message)
Clarence Blalock
Who am I:
My name is Clarence Blalock and I’m an eighth generation Georgian, small business owner, and Paulding County resident.  For the past several years I’ve been getting Democrats elected in tough races up and down the ballot.  I know how to identify and turn out voters without wasting money on DC consultants.  
Biden won GA four years ago by a margin of only 11,000 votes.  Trump mathematically CAN NOT WIN if Biden takes GA again this November.  
It’s critical that you vote in the May primary, and that you vote for a congressional candidate who will turn out every Democratic voter in the district.  I’m the only Democratic candidate who has experience turning out voters, and unlike my main challenger I refuse to tell people that it’s ok to vote for Trump.  Because it’s not.  
Building a base of consistent Democrats voters, promoting Democratic values, and electing Democrats up and down the ballot is fundamental to retaking control of our government and fixing the things that MTG and Trump have been systematically destroying.

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